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For anxiety, depression, PTSD, phobias, overcoming difficult life events & situations,

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Doric George MA

Certified EMDR Therapist
EMDRIA Approved Consultant
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

If you’re struggling with some of life’s challenges or if you just want to unlock your potential and get more out of life, you’re in the right place. Click some of the links and learn more about the different types of therapy available here and how they might help you or the ones you care about. I’d also be happy to talk to you personally. Let’s see how I can help you.

Using evidence-based techniques in the context of supportive psychotherapy,
you get the benefits of a customized program that includes both traditional and cutting edge therapies.

“I have been doing EMDR therapy with Doric for over ten months and it has helped me significantly to reduce my anxiety and anger.  I am a thirty year United States Army veteran and have experienced intense trauma from my many deployments over the years.  His therapy and techniques helped me to understand the root causes of my anxiety and anger, revisit the experience with a rational mind, and develop techniques to calm my body.”
Dan F. (U.S. Army Veteran)

I have gained a greater awareness and faculty of my emotions; as a creative person this is very important to my growth and work. EMDR and the open nature of the sessions helped me to never feel judged and be free to discuss or not discuss issues. I feel very fortunate to have found a counselor who I feel so comfortable with, and is also very effective in their approach.”
Claudia R. (Entertainment Executive)

You Are Unique

I assess every client strategically to determine his or her needs, then design a flexible program based on my findings.

Facing my fears, grieving, feeling sad and remembering the accident. Seeing the remains of my sister and her family… I feel like I have found a trusted friend who is willing to listen and cheer with me when I am succeeding in my goals, small and big.
Ariel P. (Luxury Hotel Owner, victim of crime)

Speaking with Doric has helped me focus more easily on the glimmers of sunshine rather than ignoring them. The bilateral stimulation exercises have helped enormously with mood. I have moved forward with my work, established a positive routine in the mornings, and have been able to see my life for its accomplishments rather than its failures.”
Sanjiv B. (Magazine Writer and Editor)

When I first started therapy with Doric, I was a person who didn’t know how to say ‘No’. My husband at the time was an addict and even knowing he was lying many times, I was not able to confront him. Little by little, I noticed some changes in my behavior for the better… I was able to really argue with my (now) ex-husband. When I realized I was fighting with him, I felt really good. I notice how much I’ve changed and how good it is to stand up for myself.”
Edna N. (Now happily remarried)

Mind-Body Approach

An integrative model for holistic health.

“I was skeptical and had reservations about hypnosis. These reservations completely disappeared after treatment. One of the most important decisions I ever made.”
Arnold K. (Retired Grandfather)

I am speechless for what I have accomplished and really surprised with me. But this discovery came all through Doric’s capabilities and modalities, working with me.
Doric, thank you so very much. You got another big fan.”
Allan P. (Engineer)

“The experience was unbelievable. I came in a nonbeliever but I am now a believer…”
Hooman S. (Sales Executive)

Cutting Edge Therapies

Not for everyone but dramatically effective in some cases.

(I have accomplished) Freedom from fear of getting into a vehicle, ability to stand up for myself in a healthy manner, released a load of anger and stress, helped muscles relax after accident. Currently off of all antidepressants and my recent marriage is surviving.”
Beth J. (Model, Actress)

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