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For anxiety, depression, PTSD, phobias, overcoming difficult life events & situations,

and achieving more in life.

Clinical Hypnosis

Hypnosis Can Help:

• Build confidence and better self-esteem by installing positive self-supporting resources.

• Accelerate weight loss, easily quit smoking, and make medical treatments more effective.

• Teach relaxation and better stress handling.

• Explore memories, associations, ideas, insights, and find inspiration.

Can you be hypnotized?

Hypnosis is a set of natural states of mind somewhere between awake and asleep. We all go in and out of hypnotic states several times every day.

For instance, daydreaming is a hypnosis-like state of mind. Of course, it is a light hypnotic state. You may have heard of deeper hypnotic states in which a person can undergo surgery without anesthesia and not feel a thing.

So, the question of whether or not you can be hypnotized is irrelevant. The important question is, how suggestible are you?

Can you allow yourself to be guided into a deeply peaceful state of mind and accept suggestions that can change your life in a positive way? Well, there are ways to find out. If you’re curious, let’s find out.

Common Myths About Hypnosis (Article)

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